1/2 Cotton Solid Braid

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Weight: 0.04 lb


Commonly known as sash cord, this is an alternative to a twisted 3 strand rope.

Solid braid cotton rope is a firm, round, braided cord. This popular rope is made from 100% natural cotton yarn with no finish and is commonly referred to as cotton weeping cord. This product is used extensively in masonry and brick work.

Other applications for this product includes:

  • Window Sash Cord
  • Awning Cord
  • Tent Lines
  • Clothes Line
  • Halyards

Making great 100% cotton rope is a little tricky due to the organic nature of the fibers. Over the past few months we have refined our manufacturing operation of this item to really work on keeping the actual outside diameter of this rope true to the 1/2" size. If you have purchased some of this from us in the past you might notice that this current production run is even better at maintaining a consistent size and might be a tiny bit smaller or larger compared to previous orders.

Strength & Spool Sizes

Breaking Strength = 680lbs.
Spool Sizes = 500ft.

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