1/2" Nylon 8-Strand

SKU: 3203
Weight: 0.08 lb


An 8-Strand plaited rope made with 100% nylon. This rope has superior shock absorbency and abrasion resistance as well as excellent strength. A standard rope for anchor lines, mooring lines, safety lines, and buoy mooring.

  • The fantastic thing about this rope is that it doesn't require any special spooling to prevent twisting or hockles (the spreading and kinking of the yarns in a rope strand.) 8-Strand can be stuffed in a rope locker, or bag and it will play out easily when you need it.
  • It's unique construction offers maximum strength and windlass grip-hold.
  • The energy absorption is significantly better than that of 3 Strand Nylon or Double Braid Nylon.
  • Meets MIL-R-24337 spec

Strength & Spool Sizes

Breaking Strength = 6,400lbs
Spool Sizes = 600ft.


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