1/2 x 300 Branch Saver

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Weight: 10.13 lb


This rope is 100% black, so it really hides up in the canopy of a tree. This rope is just the polyester jacket, there is no core in this rope

Branch saver is a unique product. It is used to support a weak or potentially weak tree limb from falling on a valuable area.

Branch saver is really designed for the arborist professional who understands the load dynamics of trees and has experience installing this type of system.

  • Similar to Guardian or Cobra systems, but a much longer lasting polyester instead of hollow braid polypropylene.
  • Easy to splice
  • 6,000 Lb. average break strength

Splice Instructions for All Gear Branch Saver Support System

This type of support system must be done after the branch to be supported has been pre-tensioned with a tensioning system that can be released under control.

This type of support system cannot be installed on a limb or branch that is not pre-tensioned. Installing without first pre-tensioning will result in splice failure and possible injury to the installer.

This splice is very similar to the Red Book brummel splice for hollow braid ropes. From the end measure 31" and tape or mark it. At the end, cut at a 45 degree angle to form taper. Doing this will help insert the rope at the tucks and for the bury. Bunch the angled cut end together and tape it forming a point.

Form the desired eye size, leaving enough excess space for the limb to grow, so the rope doesn't "choke" the limb in the near future. The "angle" of the splice should not be less than 30 degrees, or too much force will be on the rope fibers creating an improper splice. A 45 - 60 degree angle is desired.

Pinch the rope together at the desired eye size and insert the splicing tool through the strand, making sure to go through the middle of the "Branch Saver".

Insert the taped end into the tool and pull the tool and excess rope through to form the eye, keeping the rope in a straight line fashion, no twists, and maintaining a 45 - 60 degree splice angle. In splicing terms, this is called "a tuck."

From the exit point, count down 8 pairs of strands and insert the splicing tool, making sure to go through the middle of the strand, so the end of the rope will go through in the opposite direction as the first tuck.

Insert the rope in the tool and pull the tool and rope through the strand of the rope, keeping the tucked end free of twists. Pull with enough tension to keep both rope parts together (in line), but not tight enough to bunch up. Both parts of rope should look uniform. Temporarily tape the 2 parts of rope together between the 1st and 2nd tuck. This will prevent the end from getting pulled in farther and help maintain the 45 - 60 degree splice angle while performing the bury portion of the splice.

Strength & Spool Sizes

Breaking Strength = 6,000lbs
Spool Size = 300ft.
Width = 1/2"

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