1/4" Spot Cord x 100 ft. Hank

SKU: 0672
Weight: 1.72 lb


So... what is the difference between this and the other 1/4 Solid Braid Cotton we offer?

Spot Cord is solid cotton braid sash cord that basically contains a nylon core. It's unique pink tracer helps set it apart from similar sash cords.

Spot Cord has been America's finest quality and best performing cotton sash cord for more than 100 years. The nylon core adds strength and reduces stretch, while it's coating provides chemical, weather and heat resistance.

If you are looking for THE BEST cord for:

  • Window sashes
  • Clothes lines
  • Awnings
  • Tent Lines

Then you have found it.

This rope does cost more than our standard solid braid cotton, but make no mistake, this rope will out perform the 100% cotton, so the slight price premium is vastly worth it for the right application.

Strength & Hank Sizes

Breaking Strength = 1,000lbs
Hank Size = 200ft.

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