1" Spun Polyester Combo - Tan Spun Cover

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Weight: 0.22 lb


Looking for a classic tan three strand rope without the rough texture of regular manila rope? Then this product might be just what you need.

This rope is pretty neat. We make it out of spun polyester so it has a soft and supple feel to the rope. Some people might think it is cotton it is so nice.

If you are looking for a great handrail rope for either interior or exterior use then you should absolutely consider this one. Because it is a synthetic, it has a great lifespan and is water and UV resistant.

For interior handrail use this one is tough to beat. It works great with all our rope hardware brackets and looks absolutely fantastic.

We added a tan polypropylene to the inner core strands to lighten up the rope and give it a lighter feel. If you look at the photos above you can see the close up shot of the rope inner strands. Upon closer examination, you can see those tan poly pro fibers in the middle. From the outside however, this is 100% yarn dyed polyester.

This isn’t the strongest rope you can buy, so it’s not the best for towing or lifting. If you need that classic tan rope look however, this one is tough to beat.

Please consider the safe working load for this rope to be 1,200 lbs. when the rope is new.

Customers that want the look of a manila rope but don't want to deal with the roughness might consider this rope as well as Pro Manila for use in their application.

Please Note: Due to ever changing availability in the fiber used for this rope, both COLOR and TEXTURE of the outer fibers may vary from run to run. If you are curious as to which is available, please feel free to contact us at (419) 873-8300.

Strength & Spool Sizes

Breaking Strength = 15,775lbs
Spool Sizes = 600ft.


Polyester Combo Rope.

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