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Arborist Rope Assortment

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Weight: 10.0 lb
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The mother of all deals if you need some arborist rope sections under 100'.

Ok, look, a few months ago we started selling various rope short sections that we had lying around the shop. These assortments have proven to be quite popular, HOWEVER, some of our arborist friends have been asking for us to include more arborist ropes...

Well, if that is you, then this arborist rope assortment is perfect.

This is all top shelf stuff here. If you need a few arborist ropes to practice splicing, or you need a sweet short section of climbing rope, you can find it here. These ropes are from the best in the business: Yale Cordage, New England, Sterling and Samson rope.

If you order this you can expect to find any of the following:

  • 24 strand ropes in lengths of 20 - 80 feet
  • 16 strand ropes in lengths of 20 - 80 feet
  • Prusik cord in lengths of 10 - 50 feet
  • Odds and ends of Bull Ropes thrown in for good measure
  • Static ropes in lengths of 20 - 100 feet

For those of you who aren't familiar with arborist rope, let me give you the quick tour... These ropes are almost all 1/2" in diameter, made with a polyester jacket and either a nylon or polyester core. These arborist ropes are designed for climbing trees, so they are pretty tough and strong. The average break strength of the 1/2" ropes is typically in the 6,000 lb range.

As with all our assortment kits, what you buy is yours to keep. No returns on this one, but hey, for the money, you can't beat this deal - that's for sure!