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Climbing Rope Clamp - 1 1/2"

Weight: 1.24 lb
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Original price $25.00
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We're pleased to offer this attractive method of attaching a 1 1/2" exercise climbing rope to an overhead attachment point. These are to be used INDOORS only.

PLEASE NOTE: You must purchase rope and this clamp as separate items on the same order, we will not ship the clamp alone without rope attached.

Knot & Rope Supply is pleased to offer this attractive method of attaching 1 1/2" manila exercise climbing ropes to an overhead attachment point.

The total length of the clamp is 7 1/2" and the ring on top sticks out from the rope only 1 3/4".

These 100% high grade steel brackets come installed by our experienced custom shop staff on any length of 1 1/2" manila 30 feet or less.

We make these brackets right here in Ohio using the best grade steel to provide a firm attachment point for your rope, so you know this is done right.

You must purchase a length of rope (up to 30 feet) and this clamp as separate items on the same order. We will not ship the clamp alone without rope attached.

We currently DO NOT sell these clamps individually.


Please Note...

These clamps are held securely on the rope with two hex head cap screws and locking nuts. Even though these will easily hold 1,500 lbs. we only rate them for a MAX load of 300 lbs. for the highest level of safety.

With that said...please DO NOT use these for any of the following....

  • Lifting
  • Towing
  • Personal fall protection
  • Pulling
  • or ANYTHING other than use as an exercise climbing rope.

As stated above, we currently do not sell these individually, we only sell them on the rope and only for sections of 30 feet or less. The reason why is for your safety. In theory, someone could bolt one of these on a 600 foot section of rope which, if hung 600 feet in the air (I know, I know....pretty unlikely, but hey....) the weight of the rope alone would exceed the 300 lb. limit. This way, they get used for their intended purpose and everyone is happy.

Besides, 30 feet is plenty long enough for a climbing rope. Climbing more than 15 feet up in the air unsecured is already a serious endeavor, if you let go you could get seriously hurt. Going higher than that, increases the difficulty and danger level quite a bit, so 30 feet is more than enough.

Also, understand that for safety purposes, these items are designed to be used indoors in dry environments. Please don't use them outside where water, sun or other factors can cause weakening of the rope inside the clamp itself.

If you have any questions on this don't hesitate to call the friendly and knowledgeable staff here at the shop and we would be happy to help.