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CT Reinforced Locking Snap | Orange Gate

SKU: 8353
Weight: 0.34 lb
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Original price $35.20
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Aluminum double locking snap used primarily for safety lanyards. Features a steel reinforcement on the inside of the snap for extra wear protection.

Probably one of the best double locking snaps on the market right now bar none. This has some great features that you won't get on any other locking snap.

  • Reinforced eye for unbelievable life and durability.
  • Unique attachment geometry on bottom of snap to provide smooth centering of rope. These snaps are fantastic no matter if you tie the rope to it or have it spliced directly.
  • Hot forged for the ultimate in strength and life span.
  • Requires three individual steps to open giving these the highest level of safety.
  • For the money you simply cannot beat these!
Sizes: 135 x 70mm
Breaking Load Major Axis:

30kN (6744.27 pound-force)
Breaking Load Minor Axis:

12kN (2697.71 pound-force)
Breaking Load w/Open Gate:

12kN (2697.71 pound-force)
Maximum Gate Opening:

Weight: 125 grams
Other Features: Hot Forged & Catch Free Gate