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Custom Picture Frame

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Decorative knot work is just one of the things we do here.

Did you know we have some of the best decorative knot tyers in the business working right here at our shop?

This picture frame is but an example of the type of work we do. Frames like this are made typically on a piece by piece basis and custom for each client. Frames like this can be found in this nations finest homes, cottages and offices of some very distinguished owners.

We can make frames, or other unique knot work items, for you at your request and custom requirements.

This is a picture frame that was made by our expert knot tyer Dave Cook. Dave is a veteran great lakes commercial sailor who has developed his skills in decorative knot work over his many years of experience. The frame you see here is absolutely perfect. If you look at the balance and consistency of the rope work on this frame it is nothing but perfection. There are maybe a dozen men in the United States that can pull off something even close to this, and I would say Dave is one of the best there is.

For the photo you see above, Dave put in a picture of the Cutty Sark, but it is made to accept any other photo and matting.

If you are interested in having a piece of nautical history in your home or office feel free to give us a call here at our shop and let us know what you have in mind, we would love to help you realize your creative vision for items like this.

Our number is (419) 873-8300 ex. 111