Dog Leash - 1/2" Braided Nylon

Weight: 0.56 lb


My, My, do look good with that spliced nylon dog leash...

Dogs constantly wanting to run off and get into stuff!

Dogs and their constant need for outdoor exercise!

Dogs and their companionship and love!

Our splicing department has the leash for you!

Our team of excellent splicers makes the best dog leashes in the business. These leashes are made out of double braid nylon that is hand spliced on each end. One end is spliced to a snap and the other end is spliced in a large loop suitable for your hand to grip.

Help your dog stand out and look cool with one of these leashes!

AND...if this isn't enough, we can make custom leashes out of just about any rope we have here. Imagine being able to make a dog leash out of some funky color arborist rope, or some three strand cotton in any size you want. Give us a call at (419) 873-8300 or e-mail us at with your ideas and we can price it out for you.


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