Double OT Clamps

SKU: 0232-1
Weight: 0.07 lb


The Double OT Clamp is designed to give additional strength to connections using the standard rope clamps.

Only available in black.

For optimum strength, allow 6-8 inches between the "Double OT" clamp and the regular "Rope Clamp".

    • Select the clamp size you want
    • Add the number of clamps you need to the cart

These clamps are perfect for making things like dog leashes, light duty dock lines, church pew dividers and many other things.

We have found that the manila and three strand polypropylene ropes don't work best with these clamps, but just about every other type of our ropes do.

Note: You may wish to order one size larger than the size of rope for ease of installation. This is especially true if you purchase these for double braid nylon. The end will go on easier and still look great.

The rope clamps are not designed for personal fall protection, life support or lifting.


Tensile Strength:

      • 1/2" rope clamp: 1500 pounds
      • 5/8" rope clamp: 2000 pounds
      • 3/4" rope clamp: 3000 pounds


Rope Clamps


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