Excel Racing Dinghy Control Line

SKU: 2025-1
Weight: 0.01 lb


This rope has a braided polyester cover over a braided Dyneema® core.

High strength, lightweight with 100% Polyester cover and Dyneema® core for all round use on halyards, sheets and control lines. Holds well in cleats. Excel Racing is a great all round rope ideal for stripped halyards and spin sheets due to its easily identifiable solid color cover and color matched ArmourCoat core. Great all round performance.

Typical Uses For This Rope:

  • Sailing Running Rigging (main and jib halyards and downhaul/outhaul control lines, etc.)
  • Equestrian Use (lead lines, halters)
  • Electrical Pulling
  • Awning & Umbrellas

Need a splice? This line requires a Class II Splice and is only able to be done on 4mm and larger diameters.

Strength & Details

16-Plait Polyester over 12-Strand Dyneema®

Color Choices:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black

Average Tensile Strength:

  • 3mm - 1,020lbs.
  • 5mm - 3,152lbs.
  • 6mm - 4,541lbs.