Fire Treatment For Rope

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Looking to  have your rope treated so that it meets your building code requirements for NFPA 701 fame resistance rating? This will do it. 

Our treatment process will ensure that your rope order gets the NFPA required treatment that complies with NFPA 701. You will get a certificate that can be kept on file or shown to building inspection to ensure that your rope project for commercial use meets code for your location.

This service does add about 4-5 weeks lead-time to your order, so be sure to keep an adequate time frame for your job if you require this.

Our flame treatment chemical coating is thoroughly applied to the rope, soaking all the  way into the fibers, then dried and re-spooled and shipped to you. This process is time consuming and labor-intensive, but the results are great. There will be no difference in color or handling of the rope once we complete this process. As a special note however, be aware that this process will cause cotton rope to enlarge slightly due to the water based chemicals we apply to it. If you need cotton rope coated you might want to size down in order to get the actual size you require for your job.

Here's a sample of the certificate you will receive with your rope after it's treated.

Feel free to contact us here at our shop if you have any questions, we would be happy to help guide you through this process.

We can be reached at 419-873-8300.


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