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I-Beam Clamp

SKU: 1071
Weight: 4.8 lb
Original price $99.99 - Original price $99.99
Original price $99.99
$99.99 - $99.99
Current price $99.99
Width: 4"

This clamp is designed to attach to a steel "I" beam. It can safely support a hanging climbing rope and climber.

We are pleased to offer the very best option to attach a climbing rope to your indoor steel beam.

This bracket is made to clamp over a steel beam and hold your climbing rope securely as you climb, so you can climb with peace of mind. This clamp is load rated to 1,000 pounds.

Each bracket is custom configured for a specific sized beam. No "one size fits most" here! For something as serious as a climbing rope attachment, don't take chances. Trust Knot & Rope Splices or Rope Clamps AND this bracket!