Jet Set Throwline

SKU: 0651
Weight: 0.26 lb


Dyneema with slippery urethane coating in ultra high visibility. Holds knots very well and easy to see. Made by All Gear.

All Gear's 100% Dyneema Throw Line is made to be strong and long lasting. Jet Set is braided firmly to avoid snagging and abrasion. Premium Husky Coating is applied to enhance the glide and increase the abrasion resistance even further. If you want the best in slickness and toughness, try Jet Set.

  • 12-Strand Braid has Excellent Resistance to Abrasion and Snagging
  • Excellent Tensile Strength
  • International Safety Orange - High Visibility
  • 100% Pre-stretched UHWMPE, Professionals #1 Choice

Strength & Spool Sizes

Breaking Strength for 1.75mm = 450lbs
Breaking Strength for 2.2mm = 650lbs
Spool Size = 180ft. & 1,000ft.

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