Large Diameter Bull Rope

SKU: 0330
Weight: 0.38 lb


Looking for a little larger Bull Rope for some big jobs? Then this might be the answer.

We can splice this rope on one or both ends for you to maximize the strength and usability of this rope.

Common uses for this product include:

  • Pulling or tow rope for off road vehicles
  • Exercise climb rope that won't "shed" like manila
  • Exercise "battle rope"
  • Lifting sling(s)

AS A COURTESY NOTE...This rope does not come spliced on each end. Our on site splicing department would be happy to splice a loop on the end or ends of this rope for you. For more info on how to order to order the splices click here.

  • Diameter |Tensile Strength
  • 11/8" 44,700 Lbs.
  • 11/4" 53,000 Lbs.
  • 13/8" 61,200 Lbs.
  • 11/2" 69,200 Lbs.

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