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Manrope Knot

Weight: 0.1 lb
Original price $50.00 - Original price $50.00
Original price $50.00
$50.00 - $50.00
Current price $50.00

Looking for that really cool end to your staircase rope? Well you just found the place that can do it for you.

This knot is called a "manrope" and it is by far one of the most unique and detailed knots you can get to finish off the ends of a rope for a rope for a staircase. If you are going for either a classic nautical touch or a one of a kind showcase piece for your home or cottage you simply can't beat this. Knot & Rope Supply has the best skilled hands in the business in house that can make these especially for you.

Decorative Hardware (ie. Brackets) are not included in this price.

If you'd like Decorative Hardware (ie. Brackets) installed on the rope, we MUST install them on the rope before we make the knots. There is no way to get brackets on or off the rope once the knots are tied on the ends.

Please add 3 ft. to the length of rope you order to accommodate the creation of each knot. Also, please state in the special instructions section during checkout how long you'd like the rope to be in-between the knots.

We want your project to turn out perfectly so if you have questions or aren't totally sure what you need by all means give us a call and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be more than happy to help. You can reach us at 419-873-8300 from 9 - 5 Monday - Friday EST.