Ocean Polyester 3/8

SKU: 0611
Weight: 0.07 lb


Composed of a polyester/aramid sheath and a polyester core, its construction makes the rope highly abrasion resistant, grippy, and heat resistant. Boasting a long service life, Ocean Polyester is great value for money.

For those of you who are familiar with Ocean Polyester, this rope needs no introduction.

This rope has a firmness somewhat between that of Bailout and Bee Line or HRC. A very nice prusik cord that stands up to wear and tear surprisingly good.

Rope Specifications

Color: Red & Tan
Diameter: 10mm (3/8")
Weight: 4.8lbs per 100ft.
Tensile Strength: 7,400lbs (3,300kg)
Fiber: Polyester/Aramide over Polyester


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