Stable Braid Rigging Rope

SKU: 4084
Weight: 0.08 lb


Samson Ropes makes this double braid polyester rigging rope. This rope is a great choice for outdoor rigging and can take the abuse of daily work. The 24 strand polyester jacket over its braided polyester core makes this rope very strong for its size.

In addition it has a high abrasion resistance thanks to the smathane coating applied to the jacket. This working rope is right at home out in the sun and has a high uv resistance. The stable braid line of ropes is rated at under 3% stretch at 30% of tensile strength.

AS A COURTESY NOTE...This rope does not come spliced on each end. Our on site splicing department would be happy to splice a loop on the end or ends of this rope for you. For more info on how to order to order the splices click here.

  • Diameter |Tensile Strength |Color
  • 1/2" 10,400 Lbs. Green
  • 9/16" 13,300 Lbs. Orange
  • 5/8" 16,300 Lbs. Yellow
  • 3/4" 20,400 Lbs. Red
  • 7/8" 29,900 Lbs. Blue