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Yale Compact Splicer Kit

SKU: 0930-1
Weight: 0.73 lb
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Original price $100.00
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When you mean business and you want the world to know it, then this is the splicing kit for you. Not only does this kit give you the tools, it gives you a great place to keep them. The plastic, reusable case is the perfect compact way to keep all of your tools together in one spot.

Show 'em you mean business and know what you are doing with this fine kit.

Kit Include:

The YALE COMPACT SPLICER KIT contains the following highest quality splicing tools:

  • 1/4 Anodized tubular fid
  • 5/16 Anodized tubular fid
  • 3/8 Anodized tubular fid
  • 1/2 Anodized tubular fid
  • 7/16 Anodized tubular fid
  • 9/16 Anodized tubular fid
  • 3 Stitching needles
  • Small Swedish fid