1/4 Double Braid Nylon

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Weight: 0.02 lb


While very popular in marine and boat use for dock and mooring lines, customers also choose double braid nylon for a variety of other uses:

  • Horse halters and reins
  • Pulley systems (the smooth finish allows for easy operation)
  • Hanging bird feeders
  • Dog leashes
  • Drape tie-backs
  • Flag poles
  • Decorative applications
  • What will you use it for?

We also offer a Economy variety of this product as well. The Economy Spool is the exact same braid pattern and strength as the normal white but is an import product from the orient. The finish diameter and feel is pretty good, but not nearly as nice as the regular USA made double braid. We do offer this option of the Economy Spool for anyone who needs the double braid construction, only needs white color and is value focused. 

This rope will shrink when it gets wet. If you plan to use double braid nylon rope outdoors you may wish to order an additional 10-15% to allow for shrinkage.

As a product note, the red and green double braid you order here will have a polyester jacket with nylon core. The red color that everyone loves is only available in a polyester fiber. Strength is similar to nylon.

Strength & Spool Sizes

Breaking Strength = 2,200lbs
Spool Sizes = 600' & 1,200'


Double Braid Nylon Rope

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