3/16" Nylon Solid Braid

SKU: 0049
Weight: 0.01 lb


Solid braid nylon is the rope to grab when you simply need "rope." Customers choose solid braid nylon for a variety of uses:

  • Scout knot tying instruction
  • Flag poles
  • Tent guy lines
  • Clothes lines
  • Crafts
  • Tie downs
  • General purpose
  • Decorative applications
  • What will you use it for?

Please Note: This rope will shrink when it gets wet. If you plan to use double braid nylon rope outdoors you may wish to order an additional 10-15% to allow for shrinkage.

This rope is a solid braid product, which means it cannot be spliced. If you'd like to make a loop in the end of your rope, please check out the Rope Clamps we offer on our website.

If you have questions about our Solid Braid Nylon rope, please give us a call!

Strength & Spool Sizes

Breaking Strength = 750lbs
Spool Sizes = 1,000ft.

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