3/4" 3-Strand Nylon

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Weight: 0.15 lb


Typical applications for 3 Strand Nylon include:

  • Landscape and decoration use for either outdoor or indoor environments
  • Dock lines or anchor lines
  • Climbing and/or Undulation exercises (1 1/2" or 2" are recommended)
  • Rope swings (tire swings, seat swings, pond swings, etc.)
  • Drape tie-backs
  • Nautical decorative applications

Please Note: This rope will shrink when it gets wet. If you plan to use solid braid nylon rope outdoors you may wish to order an additional 10-15% to allow for shrinkage.

We also offer a Economy variety of this product as well. The Economy Spool is the exact same twist pattern and strength as the normal white but is an import product from the orient. The finish diameter and feel is pretty good, but not nearly as nice as the regular USA made 3-strand. We do offer this option of the Economy Spool for anyone who needs the double braid construction, only needs white color and is value focused. 

Customers purchasing our 3 Strand Nylon for landscaping applications or to hang between posts on a deck or dock are using some of the highest quality product available. Unlike our popular natural fiber Manila rope, 3 Strand Nylon rope won't ever rot.

  • Whipping the ends of this rope is highly recommended to prevent unraveling. Please check out our End Whipping as an add-on purchase. Your rope will arrive ready for use.
  • Our professional splicers can braid a loop into one or both ends of your rope. You can add a 3 Strand Eye Splice to your order.

Strength & Spool Sizes

Breaking Strength = 11,300lbs
Spool Sizes = 600ft.


3-Strand Nylon Rope

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