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Single Strand Cotton Rope

Single Strand Cotton Rope


This unique single strand cotton rope is great for craft projects, especially macramé. No longer will you need to purchase 3-strand cotton rope only to take the three strands apart. The work is already done for you! We now offer a single strand cotton rope in 3 diameters; 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm. Each are sold on a 600ft. or 1,500ft. spools and come on a cardboard tube for easy use.

When cutting sections off of these spools, the cordage will stretch and then relax. This causes inconsistencies with the lengths being cut. Many people will accommodate for this and cut longer sections and then think that they were shorted on the total length of the spool.

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    6mm Single Strand Cotton

    Premium 100% cotton fiber in a single strand. No longer will you have the task of untwisting 3 strand rope before starting on your macrame or other...

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