3" Manila

SKU: 0013
Weight: 1.5 lb


There's nothing better than Manila rope for an authentic appearance with a time-honored product. This reliable rope choice provides strength and durability as well as the classic look you want to use in your project. Manila rope is also a perfect option for any application where you wish to achieve a rustic feel.

Manila rope is great to use when you need something durable, flexible and economical. The natural brown fibers in this rope can be a little rough. This is sometimes exactly what you want, but it might make it undesirable for interior projects. Customers looking for a smoother rope might prefer our Pro Manila rope.

Please Note: Manila rope shrinks when it becomes wet. This effect can be advantageous under certain circumstances, but if it is not a wanted feature, this should be taken into account. If the rope will be used in an outdoor application, please consider ordering 10-15% additional product to accommodate shrinkage. You may also notice an odor, find out why HERE.

Strength & Coil Sizes

Breaking Strength = 57,600lbs
Coil Sizes = 600ft.


Manila vs. Pro-Manila.


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